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Marketing Permission

Despec Nordic Holding A/S and its subsidiaries (Despec Denmark A/S, Despec Sweden AB, Despec Norway AS, Despec Finland OY, Despec Iceland and others, hereafter Despec) may send me electronic mails (eg e-mails, SMS, MMS) regarding the company's products, campaigns, competitions and marketing, including apps, social media, the Internet and other digital channels.

Despec must collect and use data about me and my activities and associate such data with other kinds of information that Despec already has or receives from other sources, including cookies (from Despec's websites) to create a profile that can target the requests to me.

Despec must share data about me and my activities internally in the company and with the company's collaborators and use such information to send me e-mails tailored to my profile.

My data will be stored by Despec's local unit (Despec Denmark A/S, Despec Sweden AB, etc.), which I can always contact if I have questions or requests regarding data about me and my activities.

I can always withdraw my consent via e-mail, phone or our webshop, also towards those partners Despec has shared my data with.

Should there be other relevant products, collaborators or ways of communicating in the future, Despec can use this consent to inform me and ask me if I want to update my consent or data about me.

Click here to get information about Despec's privacy policy and if you want information about the data Despec has about you and the ability to update data.

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